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Wheel Hubs

Wheel Hubs

wheel hubWheel HubFrom short run to high production, from hand-held to hundreds of pounds in weight, we are experienced in providing wheel hub assemblies to fitness, turf care, heavy truck, and off-highway industries.

  • Diamond manufactures wheel hubs that are able to withstand normal breakage that occurs with traditional steel welded hubs.
  • All wheel hubs are produced from ductile iron in order to ensure structural integrity.
  • Our machining capabilities allow us to produce wheel hubs with bearing seats, fixed or keyed bores, splined or tapered bores, and threaded holes for mounting.
  • By controlling all parts of the manufacturing process, Diamond supplies wheel assemblies to the highest quality standards.
  • We have the ability to understand a wide range of needs, from balancing, plating, paint, and even assembly, if needed. That is what separates us from the competition.


Precision Services

We specialize in high-precision machined components and assemblies. We seek to add real value to our customers' end products and see ourselves as partners in their success. Our services include Precision Machining, Global Sourcing, Balancing & Vibration Control and Assembly.

Precision Products

Our products are subjected to demanding criteria and testing before being shipped. This ensures consistent quality products that function exactly to your specifications. Our products include Pulleys, Flywheels, Brake Components, Chassis Components & Mounting Brackets, Housings, Wheel Hubs, Bosses Bushings & Spacers and Contract Machining.