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Spindle Housings

An Image of Spindle Housings

Spindle Housings


  • Diamond has extensive experience in manufacturing spindle housings for the lawn and garden industry. We offer a variety of spindle housings with the ability to fit a multitude of applications.
  • Diamond’s ability to provide precision machined spindle housings enhances blade balance and operational longevity.
  • We welcome the opportunity to work closely with customers to develop spindle housings specific to their application.


  • Diamond is experienced in manufacturing various types of power and motion transfer housings.
  • Our machining capabilities enable us to produce even the most complicated housing components to ensure long-term performance.
  • Housing production ranges in a variety of materials including cast iron, steel or aluminum.
  • Our machined housings are produced to the requirements of the customer serving the fitness, agricultural, heavy truck and industrial markets.


Precision Services

We specialize in high-precision machined components and assemblies. We seek to add real value to our customers' end products and see ourselves as partners in their success. Our services include Precision Machining, Global Sourcing, Balancing & Vibration Control and Assembly.

Precision Products

Our products are subjected to demanding criteria and testing before being shipped. This ensures consistent quality products that function exactly to your specifications. Our products include Pulleys, Flywheels, Brake Components, Chassis Components & Mounting Brackets, Housings, Wheel Hubs, Bosses Bushings & Spacers and Contract Machining.