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Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing Services & Solutions




Importing provides a competitive alternative to domestic production, particularly on small, lower tolerance parts. This service is offered through our Shanghai office.

Professional office personnel include purchasing, engineering, machining, and quality control experts.

Supplier Verification

  • Pre-production
  • Supplier profile – filled out by supplier
  • Supplier audit – completed by manufacturing engineer

Verify Certifications

  • Not all suppliers are as they appear on paper
  • Some suppliers that look unqualified are quite good
    • Inspect quality systems
    • Verify manufacturing controls
    • Evaluate management controls


  • Manufacturing process reviews
  • Design inspection criteria/process (engineering review)
  • Manufacturing inspection (based on designed inspection criteria)
  • If issues are identified:
    • Containment plan required
    • 8D/Corrective action required
    • Issue added to inspection criteria

Other verification services include:

Quote Verification

  • Material substitute evaluation
  • Material cost evaluation
  • Product weight verification

Design Verification

  • Engineering drawing reviews – internal
  • Engineering drawing reviews - supplier

Sample Verification

  • Require material certifications and dimensional checks from supplier
  • Outside labs for chemistry analysis, mechanical properties for verification
  • Verify dimensions in China with internal engineers and inspectors
  • Any issues identified are included in inspection criteria for production

Precision Services

We specialize in high-precision machined components and assemblies. We seek to add real value to our customers' end products and see ourselves as partners in their success. Our services include Precision Machining, Global Sourcing, Balancing & Vibration Control and Assembly.

Precision Products

Our products are subjected to demanding criteria and testing before being shipped. This ensures consistent quality products that function exactly to your specifications. Our products include Pulleys, Flywheels, Brake Components, Chassis Components & Mounting Brackets, Housings, Wheel Hubs, Bosses Bushings & Spacers and Contract Machining.