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Precision Machine




Precision Machine

Assembly Services

Having dimensional machining control over the components assures the best functioning assembly. When the same company machines and assembles the components, you can improve component fit, targeting the mean tolerances of the mating parts.

We are capable of performing a variety of assembly operations including:

  • Sub-Assemblies

    • Simple assembly operations such as pressing bushings, sleeves, studs or bearings into manufactured components.
  • Spindle Housing Assemblies

    • For over twenty years, Diamond has provided completely manufactured and assembled spindle housings to the turf care industry.
    • Our assembly process typically consists of assembling shaft, housing, bearing, cover and miscellaneous components.
  • Motor/Flywheel Assemblies

    • Diamond’s extensive experience in balancing has enabled us to offer a completely assembled and balanced motor/flywheel unit. We are able to provide customers with a point-of-use solution for vibration issues.
  • Fan Housing Assemblies

    • Diamond provides ready-for-use fan housing units to the industrial market. These assemblies usually consist of shafts, bearings, housings, mounting brackets, pulley and miscellaneous components.
  • Power and Motion Transfer Housing Assemblies

    • Diamond provides complete transfer housing units to a variety of markets including agricultural, industrial and off-highway. Our assembly process typically involves assembling shaft, bearing, bushing, housing, gearbox, mounting bracket, gear and pulley components.
  • Welded Assemblies

    • Diamond provides a completely manufactured and welded assembly to your point-of-use location. We have the capability to machine, broach, spline or coat assemblies after welding. We offer a variety of coating options such as plated, painted or powder coated.

From low to high volume production assembly, we can meet your needs.

  • Complete engineering and project management
  • Flexible customization
  • Direct order fulfillment
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management

Precision Services

We specialize in high-precision machined components and assemblies. We seek to add real value to our customers' end products and see ourselves as partners in their success. Our services include Precision Machining, Global Sourcing, Balancing & Vibration Control and Assembly.

Precision Products

Our products are subjected to demanding criteria and testing before being shipped. This ensures consistent quality products that function exactly to your specifications. Our products include Pulleys, Flywheels, Brake Components, Chassis Components & Mounting Brackets, Housings, Wheel Hubs, Bosses Bushings & Spacers and Contract Machining.